Blood Work and Lab Analysis

The pillar of good health is getting regular blood work.

We are able to order and analyze a variety of different panels for blood work. Many patients want to keep up with there health by having a medical provider go over their blood work with them. We are able to order you a blood test and send it out for results or you can go to your local lab to have them draw your blood. You can then schedule an appointment to go over the results with our medical provider.

Blood Panels

General Health & Wellness (Lipid, Hepatic, HbA1C, Diabetic Indices, CBC and BMP) labs will monitor your basic health needs and is the most popular lab patients order. You will get results on your cholesterol, insulin levels, blood cell counts and more.You will be able to add to that panel or design your own custom panel with the doctor. There are too many options to list, but some of the panels our patients choose are

  • Hormones
  • Thyroid
  • B12 Levels
  • PSA
  • Testosterone

The Important of Blood Work

Staying up to date on your blood work is the most important thing you can do for your health. If you do nothing else, this is the one thing you should do. Health starts from the inside out. You can uncover many diseases, illnesses, and other health issues by regularly getting your health and wellness labs drawn and analyzed by a medical professional.By getting regular general health and wellness check ups, high cholesterol can be detected and monitored, you can learn your insulin levels and you are headed towards diabetes, if your cell count is out the norm you can catch serious diseases before they get worse, and check the status of some of your major organs to make sure they are healthy.

Improvements in Life

Even if the basic and vital areas are good, you can detect many other things with blood work. Some people suffer from severe fatigue, slow metabolism, night sweats, low sex drive, thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies unwanted stress and much more. By telling us your symptoms or areas you want to improve in your health we can check for certain things that may be causing these unwanted symptoms or look at specific panels that may have levels that are out of the normal range and then we can work together to stabilize and improve your health.Everybody wants and deserves to feel better.

Other Blood Testing

We are able to assist you in other areas with your blood work. Many people need to get updated blood testing for new jobs, insurance, surgery, and more. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we can assist you with blood work for what you need.